The NuviaGo protein bar:Fitness

  • It is perfect for before or after working out
  • It is ideal for the morning rush
  • A convenient snack while travelling
  • It is perfect for being  on diet
  • Low calorific value and reduced sugar
  • It is a great substitute for a protein supplement!
  • Great, weight loss friendly snack


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NuviaGo is a delicious protein bar with a cookie and cream flavor loved all over the world! Due to the large dose of protein and a small amount of sugar, this product can replace any meal. NuviaGo provides the body with an energy boost, helps build muscle mass and accelerates recovery after training.

NuviaGo bars are created with passion and in harmony with nature. This product contains the right proportions of macronutrients to  strengthen the body and help maintain a fit-figure. NuviaGo bars are not only a delicious, sweet snack, but above all a real, wholesome meal!


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